Protect Rats

Carsbrella Protect RAT

Protect Your Car from Mice & Rat Damage

Rodents have to constantly gnaw on hard things. If this is not so, their teeth grow so uneven that the rodent can not chew and dies malnourished. Mice and rats manicuring their teeth can destroy the wiring system or a computer of the vehicle or vehicles of all overnight.

There are two size

1. 50 H (height 50 cm)
2. 100H (height 100 cm)


Rats can cause a lot of damage in cars. You may benefit from Aluminum sheet metal around car to discourage climbing.


1. Light Weight about a third that of steel
2. Corrosion Resistance Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide layer and is very resistant to corrosion.
3. Impermeable and Odourless
4. Reflectivity Aluminium is a good reflector of visible light
5. Quick and easy to use
6. Impermeable and Odourless the metal itself is non-toxic and does not release the smell and taste substances

The Frame

1. 3mm Thick Aluminum Sheet
2. No contact on opening and closing
3. Hemmed seams are a good way to join two edges.


Length : 450-650 CM
width – 250 CM
Height – 50 – 100 CM